Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just A Title

Well , I feel so bad lately . Everything was not right .
Early in this morning , I woke up late . That totally make Ikin angry . So we had canceled the game . I feel so bad on that time . I swear I was so scared to see Ikin face .I apologise , and tnx GOD she's no longer mad at me . (rasanya lahh)

Pluss my skin is more dark then before I went to Sabah . It make me feel like I am so ugly . uhh , nyampah aku . -___-

Well , sometimes I feel people around me doesn't like me . Maybe I am annoying .
Yeah memang mulut aku cakap lepas . Sorry for that . Seriusly wehh , SORRRY

p/s : broken english ? aku tau .

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