Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day before Holiday

it was a teachers day :D but nothing special and fun to story about . just a few picture for you to see :D hehe . an ika caz momo julie elin lyna shikin mangga dayat lukman acap chang puri n others who lepak lepak with me on that day , thank you so much ! sebab korang lepak ngan aku la bosan aku hilang :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

21 May 2009

What a Beautifull:) and Happiness:D thursday ! Alhamdullillah ! lepas rindu . Thanks God !
walking with him makes my heart beat faster as fast as F1 racing car ! omg i am melting here !
I walked together with him ;D . I saw him smiling at me ;) we talked about this and that ;O oh my godnessss ;D I really want to be in that moment again ! dia baek gila bai ! kau nak cakap ape lagi ha ? biar tak hensem weh hati kasi baek ! aku tengok dia kasi puas puas bai ! haha ghairah la plak :O haha tade la . I swear im soooo happyyy on that time ! the best part is , die bye-bye aku while everybody were busy talking to each other ;D !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad Day

hello readers :)

how lucky she is ! ohh how lucky you are ?! you always got change to see him , walk with him :D how about me ? i didnt saw him at all today ! omg i miss him so much! after tuition class end , i walk downstairs and looked around me . the all i seem to see was people going no where ! i didnt saw him at all! then i walked to the bustop sadly :( waiting for the bus to start it engine while thinking about him . oh what a boring wednesday night ?! wait and and wait and the bus start to move . all people there queue to get into the bus . when i sat at the chair inside the bus , i checked my phone . one message to read . " nampak perec ! " lyna ! omg , what the fuck man ?! :O i am the one that search for meet him and look for his smile:) but she's the one who meet him ! this is so not fair :O

Hate and Miss

hello readers :)

today was so bored at school . the first day of exam . im so sad coz i didn't have idea for my bahasa melayu essay . damn shit ! susah gila soalan komsas die . enough about exam . let me tell you about him . haha . i didnt saw the guy that i crush. i miss him :( i hope i'll see him tonigt :)
btw , i saw the guy that i really hate right now ! damn shit ! i hate him so much ! urgghhh (-_-) ! benci la sial tengok kau ! go away from my life ! i dont want to see you ! i just wanna see the guy that i crush but why i've to see you again & again ! you wann play a game with me ha ? ok lets play ! let see how far you can go ! i know that im gonna win the game , LOOSER !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Date To Remember

1 April 2009 is a date to remember

If i could turn the time back , I would like to go to the first of april 2009 the moments that i will never forget . that moment is the best thing to remember . I will always smile when i think about the moments that happen on 1 april 2009 . He's too cute that day . Until today i just cant believe that i sat beside him on that day . Do you know when im typing this blog my heart beat faster and faster . Some of my friends may know about that date . The date means a lots to me . Do you know when i was sad or moody i will always think about this so that i can get back my emotion to the normal . There are so many things happen on that day but the best thing happen are when i laugh with him and the part when we went to cocrane with handball team . I miss that moments so much ! I just wish that i can be in that moment again but i know of having back that moment is just a dream . So let me always dream about the moment happen in first of april 2009 in my sleep .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blind or Gone

Hello Readers :(

ohh nooo !! where is him ?! why i didn't saw him for 2 weeks at school ?! oh my god ! i just starting to crush on him !! why i cant see him ?! why ? why ?! maybe he's sick , or maybe dia pindah sekolah ?! :O please tell me that im wrong ! actually i want to ask his friends why he didn't come to school , but i scared if his friends know my feeling on him . so i didnt ask . should i ask his freind? should i ? haha . i think no need ;D i just wanna see him everyday but why he's hiding from me ?


Hello Readers ;)

I'm getting Better ! yeah ! yea yea nak pegi sekola ! haha .

last night , i went to Mth Clinic (sbb ade class) . Aku lyna , yana , Fazura n Aina fly class English ;D hehe . kiteorng pgi kat KITA , lepak2 minum2 sembang2 . then i saw my ex classmate tuition. haha . he's different now ! He's getting more smart now but still with his rempit style ! at least he change a bit . enough about him ! kiteorg lepak lepak sampai pukul 8.50 kat KITA . then
kiteorg byr2 pastu blah naek MC1 . masuk class . aku cari tempat duduk & duduk . shit aku dikelilingi jantanjantan yg agk XXXX ! aku duduk blakang Apit(redspot) , depan syakirNAJIB , kiri Arip , kanan AimanZ . ouh shit gila ! susah gile bai mau blajar ! uhh . banyk yg sir ajar tak masuk pale hotak sbb diorng kcau aku ! damn ! aku nak sir shakib la !!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


hello readers ;-)

damn ! i miss my school so much ! boring bai duduk terperap je kat rumah ! doctor gave me 2 day mc . uhh i wanna go to school right now na na na (akon songs ;D )
whole day in front of tv ! can you imagine ?! whatthe fucking boring ! i cant do anything else accept watching tv and sleep . nak makan tade selera , tekak punn saket ;( ape la malang naseb aku . yesterday , after school time , i called lyna home but her dad said she's not at home . then , i called lilin and ask her anything about school that i've missed . she told me nothing special happen . she didn't saw his spiderman . haha ;D. thats all .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 may 2009

oh hello guys :D

im happy today ;D realy realy happy . i walk with him . he smile:) to me . haha . i love that momentssssss ;D btw , its sakinah15 and azri17 birthday . I did wish them :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you INA AND AZRI again ;D


hello all readers ;D my name is nabilla but people usually call me mok . People do call me mok coz aku gemokk ! haha . Anak Pak Din ( manggo busuk ) siap buat tarian agi untuk aku its call " tarian gemok " haha ;D . enough about my name . now let me tell u about my self . I am emotional , sensitive(i dont show u im sensitve) and annoying ;D haha ( bad side la ) the good side , you judge me by your own . kang aku cakap kang korang cakap aku perasan ! haha .
Actually this is my second blog . I did type a blog before , but i forget my password . theres no more update for coz i really forget the password . This is my new freshhhhh blog ;D so i hope you guys enjoy reading my blog .