Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bad Day

hello readers :)

how lucky she is ! ohh how lucky you are ?! you always got change to see him , walk with him :D how about me ? i didnt saw him at all today ! omg i miss him so much! after tuition class end , i walk downstairs and looked around me . the all i seem to see was people going no where ! i didnt saw him at all! then i walked to the bustop sadly :( waiting for the bus to start it engine while thinking about him . oh what a boring wednesday night ?! wait and and wait and the bus start to move . all people there queue to get into the bus . when i sat at the chair inside the bus , i checked my phone . one message to read . " nampak perec ! " lyna ! omg , what the fuck man ?! :O i am the one that search for meet him and look for his smile:) but she's the one who meet him ! this is so not fair :O

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