Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hate and Miss

hello readers :)

today was so bored at school . the first day of exam . im so sad coz i didn't have idea for my bahasa melayu essay . damn shit ! susah gila soalan komsas die . enough about exam . let me tell you about him . haha . i didnt saw the guy that i crush. i miss him :( i hope i'll see him tonigt :)
btw , i saw the guy that i really hate right now ! damn shit ! i hate him so much ! urgghhh (-_-) ! benci la sial tengok kau ! go away from my life ! i dont want to see you ! i just wanna see the guy that i crush but why i've to see you again & again ! you wann play a game with me ha ? ok lets play ! let see how far you can go ! i know that im gonna win the game , LOOSER !

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