Wednesday, May 13, 2009


hello all readers ;D my name is nabilla but people usually call me mok . People do call me mok coz aku gemokk ! haha . Anak Pak Din ( manggo busuk ) siap buat tarian agi untuk aku its call " tarian gemok " haha ;D . enough about my name . now let me tell u about my self . I am emotional , sensitive(i dont show u im sensitve) and annoying ;D haha ( bad side la ) the good side , you judge me by your own . kang aku cakap kang korang cakap aku perasan ! haha .
Actually this is my second blog . I did type a blog before , but i forget my password . theres no more update for coz i really forget the password . This is my new freshhhhh blog ;D so i hope you guys enjoy reading my blog .

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