Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Date To Remember

1 April 2009 is a date to remember

If i could turn the time back , I would like to go to the first of april 2009 the moments that i will never forget . that moment is the best thing to remember . I will always smile when i think about the moments that happen on 1 april 2009 . He's too cute that day . Until today i just cant believe that i sat beside him on that day . Do you know when im typing this blog my heart beat faster and faster . Some of my friends may know about that date . The date means a lots to me . Do you know when i was sad or moody i will always think about this so that i can get back my emotion to the normal . There are so many things happen on that day but the best thing happen are when i laugh with him and the part when we went to cocrane with handball team . I miss that moments so much ! I just wish that i can be in that moment again but i know of having back that moment is just a dream . So let me always dream about the moment happen in first of april 2009 in my sleep .

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