Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm back .

so long no type . I am kinda busy lately . i dont have time to update my blog .
so today , at 1456 ( Malaysia time) i have free time .
when it comes to Upper Form 4 , i realize that i did not study at all before .
i waste my time by spending time at sports , schooling , tution and lepak .
There's no time at home . Back from camping last Sunday ( 3-4 July ) at Kemensah,
i feel refresh and feel to start it everything over again . My study , my diet meal , my time management . How fucking damn lazy i am before ? i do not even buy any of revision book yet . Oh my GODNESSSS ! In fact , my Mid Year result show the fucking descending graph . I've got 2 failed ! hahaha . I need to study my account subject over again , my chemistry n the worst part , i am fucking damn not good at physic . HAHA "physic senang je , dia dah bagi formula guna ajelah kan ? " dad said that to me when i am blaming my self for being stupid at physic subject . I HAVE TO try my best to get a good result in my SPM . SPM : SIJIL PENETU MASADEPAN :D

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